Archaeology 2025

Archaeology 2025 is a long-term strategy which will inform the journey for Irish archaeology into the future. This is an initiative of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA).

The aim was to create a brand that would engage with the viewer while representing the main objectives of the project. Based on this, there is a problem solving element to the design. On initial viewing it may be seen as an abstract graphic. Looking closer, the numbers ‘2025’ can be seen.

The use of the ‘maze’ design conveys the idea of an obstacle. and the various ways of overcoming it. A contemporary style hinting at numerous past ‘script’ styles like Ogham stones was included. These stones were are read from top to base like the graphic. Ultimately an Archaeology 2025 publication was launched and the cover drew on the fact that there is such a varied diversity to the industry and the people who work within it.