Traces of the Past

Traces of the Past was an 84 panel exhibition that was the culmination of the collaborative activities of 55 prestigious institutions from 26 European countries. This exhibition aimed to promote awareness of the capabilities of aerial photography. It highlighted ground-breaking research in the application of science and technology in the field of cultural heritage and archaeology. The exhibition eventually toured around Ireland to 5 locations and also to Italy, Spain, Slovenia and the United States. The layout of the panels allowed it to be changed and modied without losing the flow of the content.

The visual metaphor of the square / box is associated with the structured approach by archeologists to surveying and the way some of the images are returned by the various technologies. The word ‘Traces’ was an important and immediate word describing the exhibition and the colours reflected nature and how archeologists survey the environment. With this in mind special attention was paid to the arrangement and flow of the different hues.

An important part of the project was to involve individuals. Schools were asked to participate the inclusion of anamorphic designs on the floor and on a flyer was highly sucessful. It proved to be the most successful exhibition launched by the organisation and gained widespread praise within the industry.